The easy way to learn and use Android phones.


The easy way to learn and use Android phones.

What is Simply?

Simply is an app which both simplifies the android user experience while providing an easy platform for instructional videos. Using Google's Youtube Player API, instructional videos from a Youtube playlist are pulled down to populate a feed. This allows for single (or multiple) administrative user(s) to provide different instructional videos in a very simple and intuitive way. Simply add or remove videos from a playlist, and you're done! Youtube Playlist Simply's Playlist

Additionally, by providing readable, large buttons that perform common smartphone tasks, and by automatically starting this app on boot-up, this app also functions much like an Android launcher, and greatly simplifies the use of the phone. Of course, once one has mastered the use of either this app or Android phones in general, this auto-boot can be easily disabled in settings. Top of Scoll View Bottom of Scroll View

What Inspired This App?

Often times, even if a homeless person is provided with a smartphone, they are unable to take advantage of it. As part of the top 5% wealthiest people in the world, something such as using a smartphone seems easy, perhaps even intuitive. However, this is not the case for many of the homeless. This app's goal is make smartphones far more useful to the homeless through providing a platform for instructional videos and simplifying the user experience.

Key Features

  • Easy platform for providing instructional videos

  • Youtube Player API integration for seamless Youtube playback

  • Simple and intuitive interface to accomplish many common phone tasks, such as Calling, Text Messaging, Googling, Music, and connecting to Wi-Fi

  • Auto-Boot on device start (which can be disabled)

  • On app start, informs the user of their Mobile Data Usage

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