Help Exchange

Give a hand. Get a hand.

Connecting people shouldn't have to be complicated. We are proud to make a website that's simple to use and has the potential to reach many individuals.

I was inspired to make a simple web app from my previous project: Footcarbon showed me the power of simplicity. By crunching many equations and EPA data into a few algorithms, I was able to attract many users to find out their carbon footprint, easily.

I focused on creating a simple user interface, free from clutter and complications. A polished look helps in keeping traffic on the page.

Our target user is the average individual. You. Me. Our neighbor and our friend. We are not focusing on niche groups. This is the reason behind our simplicity - we want to cater to everyone and neglect no one.

Grit can summarize our coding experience. We started off as a group of 4 members. However, numerous issues arose regarding PHP and hosting that code on Github. Ultimately, Carlos and I persevered through obstacles and created a user-friendly website that takes user input and lets the world know of what people need.

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