Grape Vine

A localized social forum for communication

After talking to Chuck, a man who has lived through the struggles that come with being homeless, we discovered that there is a missed social opportunity between people with resources and people who need them. The Mobile4All initiative provides a platform for communication that would otherwise not exist, where people who may not personally know each other can share important information.

Our mobile application, Grape Vine, is a social network consisting of "groves" that focus on food, shelter, or favors. The application provides unique posts depending on the user's location. Any user can submit a post to a grove, and any person can reply. Groves aren't solely the domain of regular users however - local vendors can post to any grove and distinguish their posts, treating the Grape Vine as their own "classifieds" in the local newspaper.

We hope that this could become a platform not only for users to connect with each other, but to bridge the gap between local businesses/volunteer services and users that need such service.

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