Track your data usage while using a Mobile4All phone.

Our app was born directly from the list of requests handed down from the Mobile4All campaign and we sought out to provide a solution to as many as possible in one simple, easy to use, and visually pleasing app. We call our app DataTrac after the main functionality of our app, tracking the data used by the users of our application. Mobile4All provides a low monthly cost to all users and therefore takes on all the extra cost of individuals using large amounts of data, our app can instantly tell the user how much data they have been using and even allows them to track their past data trends with a log-in based web service.

We built everything from scratch including using our own custom color codes and backgrounds for a persistent theme throughout our app and website.

In addition to the main functionality of our app, tracking data usage we also implemented other features that would be useful for displaced or marginalized users. Our app has a fully functioning, scrollable list of common and important non-emergency numbers that are important for homeless persons. We populated this list directly from a .pdf acquired from the City of San Jose Homeless Services Department. This list also has the added functionality to add numbers that the user deems important with a single click. Furthermore, the list will automatically dial the number selected when clicked, again making the end user experience as pleasurable and straightforward as possible.

We also have included the tutorial video option that was requested by the Mobile4All campaign on our home screen as a simple redirect to their YouTube video.

Our main theme during these last 24 hours was to make the experience as easy as possible for the end user. We aimed to minimize the amount of clicks or taps necessary to do anything, make everything as easy as possible on the eyes, and attempted to predict and accommodate for future needs.

We are quite happy with our app and hope that it can make a difference for those who are less fortunate than us.

Alex McAfee Pranav Bheda Arman Elahi Malika Mission

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