An easy to use social media WebApp that connects charities with volunteers and people in need.

In a state where the poverty gap is one of the highest in the world, the social divide between the poor and the homeless and the rich and privileged is extremely evident. The Bay Area, and more specifically Silicon Valley, has areas with millionaire techies on one block, and poverty stricken ghettos seemingly right down the street. Our social media site, Inner Circle, hopes to bridge the gap between the less fortunate and privileged by encouraging interaction between the classes. Our app targets charity organizations, willing volunteers, and people in need. Charities and other organizations can create an account to create manageable pages where they can connect with volunteers and those in need of help. Volunteers and people in need can create an account and interact with a charity and each other in different pages posted on the site, by being able to be updated on upcoming events and being able to access the charities’ contact information. Page admins are able to use the site to set up events and activities that will help connect these volunteers with the less fortunate seeking help. The site makes use of HTML CSS and Javascript, interfacing with a Parse database for signups, logins and posts.

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