A simple application that links local organizations with people suffering form housing insecurity.

Our team found that there was a disconnect between homeless individuals and the organizations that provided donations to those individuals (services, resources, materials, foods, housing, shelters, ect). Non profit and for profit organizations may hold events for the homeless, including food/can drives and career fairs, but many times homeless lack the means to know when these events are happening, and more importantly, where. Housing/shelter organizations also lack a way to effectively communicate with those who need their services (when the shelter is full, or when it is open). We also recognized that in our modern world, those suffering from housing insecurity are always on the move; they are travelers, moving from one situation to the other which can, at most times, be incredibly stressful and hard to manage. Our application, Nomad, attempts to solve these issues by providing a simple, clean platform for "helpers" (doners) and "travelers" (homeless). Its name is derived from the situation many individuals may face when encountering income disparity; these include loss of housing, and quickly shifting environments. That's why Nomad is focused on presenting the environment in respect to the user's location: Nomad's interface is entirely built upon the map API. The concept behind Nomad is quite simple; Those who want to provide services for Nomad users can post pins on the map, which any Nomad user in the area will be alerted of and visually see on the map. The feed on the left of the map is automatically updated, alerting users of events that may be happening in their area. Nomad users can also find contact information directly through the app, expanding pins to openly communicate with event holders and housing officials. Nomad provides a platform for open interaction between homeless individuals and organizations in a way that is simple and easy to understand.

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