Home for the Homeless (H4H)

a virtual home and identity for the homeless

I've never had a chance to interact with any of the homeless so far in the U.S but being from developing country I know how it goes. Speakers at this event and my friend who did formal interviews with the homeless helped me empathize and design this idea.

Target Users: Homeless users who carry an android smartphone and looking to have an identity and leverage technology to ease their life.

Hello App user,

Can't pay your mobile bill because you have no credit card ? - App solves the problem powered by volunteer network. Don't have a mail box? - Use the app and get one. Searching for beds ? - App lists them. Looking for jobs? - App lists them.

Wanted to share your profile at the click of a button to anyone? - App has the answer.

Literally it is the virtual home in your pocket and you will never feel homeless again.

Try it out