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What It Does Refuge is an app that helps people without a roof for the night find a place to stay. It utilizes participating organizations and churches, near the user, that are accepting guest. By live updating the availability of space people will no longer have to spend time traveling to a place that it full. Users will be able to make a reservation. That will last a certain period of time and that will guarantee their spot. Organizations will be able to to monitor the flow of people, and if they want have users sign accountability forms.

The Problem What is needed the most is refuge. The major problem with being homeless is that they are without a home, without shelter. In the past, churches would leave open their doors, so people could sleep the night there. But now less and less churches are doing so, making it even harder to find a place to stay. A lot of homeless shelters are overpopulated and can't take everyone. Making a lot of people waste time traveling to a shelter that is already full, so they miss the opportunity to try another shelter.

What Can You Do If you are an organization: Sign up with Refuge today. List your organization and location of shelters. And keep track of the amount of space you have in real time. If Not: Please Donate to the Organizations. Treat everyone with dignity and respect.

Summary We wanted to facilitate the interactions between the homeless and shelters by implementing a reservation system on an iPhone app. Our target user are people who are homeless, or just looking for a place to stay. The feature we are most proud of is the usage of QR codes in our app. When a homeless person signs up to stay at a homeless shelter, we generate a unique QR code for them. The people who work at the homeless shelter use a QR code reader we implemented to read the QR codes in order to verify admittance to the people who signed up to stay.

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